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I'm being your fan and want to support you and your work from now on. I hope Joo Won could read this and would mind to contact me sooner through my email. hello joo-wonsshi first of all Happy birthday ^^ I wish for you best thing^^ I just want thank you and congratulations you for your amazing acting...

Now already watched of Bread of Baking Kintakgoo, Brildal mask, Good dorctor. You are the most favorite korea's actor in my mind. I appreciate all the roles that he's done and look forward to more of his work than any actor his age. I learn a lot from those, that really support me morally and encouragement through my survival for my desease (Anti Phospholipid Syndrome and CVD).

Even a role like Cha Yoo Jin in Tomorrow Cantabile, I am sure that he has to spend a lot of time learning how to conduct. I have seen a lot of Korean Dramas and the actors or singers now a days or of this generation mainly got their fame from looks.

It is his attitude that makes me not only like, but also respect him a lot. For example, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho got most of their awards and endorsements because of their cutesy looks and not mainly from Acting.

Joo Won attracts me from his acting and not his looks.

At first, I saw him as an average looking actor but after watching most of his movies, especially in Bridal Mask where he is mean at the beginning but because of the way how he brought out the character that I would side with him even if he was mean and would follow him around like a drooling puppy.

In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake.I haven’t had an idol for quite a while, or haven’t seen any actors that is worthy of my praise.Joo Won is an extraordinary actor who I can really say that he is indeed an “actor”. Hopefully 2 days 1 night was enough to prepare him for surviving through his military time more comfortably. On the movie Sweet Sixteen, did Joo Won oppa really spoke in chinese or it was dubbed by a chinese? So i can't recognize the voice if it belongs to him or to some chinese. Bread love and dreams was his first drama that i watched and i got surprise because he become one of the great actor nowadays. I am looking forward for his new drama " My sassy Girl". :) I just finished watching Yong Pal..loved your character there. You are not like a flower boy (and honestly I don't like flower boy), but you have your own charm that makes me like you. Hope you can be together in a drama with my fav actress Park Shin Hye... Cannot wait to see JW new drama and movie in 2015!!! Looking forward for ur upcoming dramas ;) can't believe that i followed and watched all his 7 dramas. it has been only 5 years from his debut, but look at him now. I hope your heart is as true as your characters portray...please, be a good person and I'll keep cheering all your good movies on. Nodame Cantabile is such a failure, dropped after 4 eps. Then bridal mask,good doctors, my girl friend is agent, naeli's cantabile. They probably dubbed over him because his spoken Chinese sounded awkward, or something, and since the character is supposed to be a native Chinese speaker it wouldn't really fit the story if he sounded awkward speaking his native language (thus the dubbing). I just finished watching bridal mask...excellent k it so much.& already miss it.can't wait for the drama sassy girl. joo won I like you so much and keep it up your talent. He has few drama series and films, but he got so many awards compare to another actor/tress. Cant wait to see you in another great dramas and films~~!!! His acting always good,especially in "Good Doctor" and his drama always get high rating, except "Naeil's Cantabile. This is very enlightening as we miss JW and being able to see him in a fresh drama/movie yearly really appeases a fan's dream to see him and get our JW doses. Joo Won, I am older than you by few months but you are super duper, duper cute and your sense of humor makes me re-watch some episodes in your dramas... 7th Grade Civil Servant didn't have a good scenario so I couldn't continue watch it 'til the end. I wish the time comes when i see you in person , approach to get an autograph and faint from over excitement i am living to see that moment i hope my wish comes true. LOVE YOU FOREVER MA LUV ♡♡♥♥♥♡♥♡♡♥♡★♡♡♡ I have seen you in first time playing in bread,love and dreams.

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