Updating nvidia driver boot camp

Personally, until apple, intel and nvidia get their heads together i dont think its worth the effort to try and get this up and running. Literally a week ago I ordered Akito Node, and then the fun began, in my country there is no forum that sorts out these problems.

I have Akitio Node, GTX 980 Ti Macbook Pro 15 2015 Intel Iris Pro 5200 without a discrete video card, connect through the adapter TV3 - TV2.

I know Oculus never intended to support Mac in the first place, but Boot Camp is essentially the same as native Windows except the inability to easily change/upgrade the graphics card.If you connect it later, the video card and the computer are detected, but it does not work. I’m having similar issues with my n MP Node Win10 Boot Camp.It works in mac OS and it works when connected to an ASUS G750 with TB2 port, but with Boot Camp it’s simply not happening.Right now, I'm running the bootcamp drivers, which work. The latest version is 3.2; if you have an older version, install all of the updates up through version 3.2.When I go to n Vidia's site to download the drivers and install them I end up with a driver that is unable to go beyond 640x480 at 8-bit color mode. If there are newer Nvidia drivers for your Mac which were released in that time, they may be included.

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