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This panel aims to contribute to a study of economic fraud in the Global South with an emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa.

A number of African economies are characterised by a significant level of economic trickery, fraud and crime in many business sectors – and related to this corruption, intimidation and violence.

Social norms, trust and control of power theft in Uganda: Does bulk metering work for MSEs?

Power theft is still rampant in many developing countries.

The paper estimates the macroeconomic impact of capital flight, then proposes measures to control it.

The politics of fake medicines in West Africa: reconciling wealth and health?

Drawing on semi-structured interviews with 29 MSEs and 16 experts in Uganda, this article shows how well bulk metering works in practice.

This article analyses the interaction between the socio-economic factors trust, informal social norms, awareness and electricity pricing effect and technical control measures in Uganda.I compare the outflow from Zambia to thirty other sub-Saharan countries.The comparison reveals that countries with natural resource based exports tend to have relatively high levels of fraudulent capital flight, even compared to conflict affected countries.It focuses particularly on the work of the regulatory body NAFDAC, which has been hailed as a great success in Nigeria and beyond.By reconstructing the history of the trade and related claims about its dangers, the paper shows how the history of these substances can be traced back to the earliest trade in Western medicines in the region and that concerns about fraudulent drugs have been directly linked to broader crises of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare in Nigeria, particularly since the onset of structural adjustment and trade liberalisation.

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After reforming its power sector, Uganda introduced two technical innovations: bulk metering for micro and small enterprises (MSE) and prepaid metering for households.

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