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For this #followfriday I wanted to connect fellow tall girls with other tall girls. Be confident in those heels even if it makes you 10 feet tall!! __ The easiest way to make yourself look taller in photos is to have your photographer shoot lower to the ground - at waist level or lower.These girls are all over 6 feet tall and ROCKING it. The lower they shoot, the taller and more elongated you'll appear.Some more serious side effects include calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, back injury, & even arthritis.🔹Most side effects are caused in heels that are 2 inches, & worn while standing for over an hour or walking for 10 want to find the size that fits you best and try them on before actually may need one with a strap which are very secure, a tie or just slip on if it fits perfectly.I have always wished I was taller." I never believed her. When I was interviewing for my last job at the hospital I showed up in a pencil skirt and high heels. Some of the most beautiful super models are over 6 feet tall and guess what they stomp around in... 👉🏻Click the link in my bio to join over 160 fashion bloggers already in the course!I towered over everyone, over a foot taller than the director I was interviewing with. So here you ..." src="" captionid='1534125553999923087' captionhash='f44a197dab6bce316ee0ddaee120a5c7' search='taller in heels'I am 164 cm tall but sometimes I get questions on why I look much taller in some of my pics🙈 So here you go, some tips on how I pose for abs / full body selfies🙆🏻😂 1⃣Lighting: Natural lighting is your friend☀ Have the light coming from the side so the shadows help create more definition 2⃣Flex and Twist: Take a deep breath🙊 flex the belly and twist your upper torso slightly to one side 3⃣Shoulder and Arm Back: I really like to put my hand (the one not holding 📷) on my waist with my shoulder and arm slightly back - this makes the arm look slimmer🤣 4⃣One Leg Front One Leg Back: Place one foot directly in front of the other, a few inches apart 5⃣Invisible heels: Stand on the balls of your feet as if you are wearing heels - your legs will look longer and your whole body will look taller & slimmer 6⃣Practice and experiment: Everyone has their own good angle - practice makes perfect😆 I am not suggesting everyone here to have to pose and flex to create an illusion of how their bodies look, or that posed photos are more beautiful 🙅🏻 I strongly believe that we should embrace our bodies in all forms, and there's absolutely no shame in sharing with the world 🌎 posed or not posed!

These girls are all over 6 feet tall and ROCKING it.I hated being tall when I was younger, I would slouch to try and make myself look shorter. Until one day, I embraced it and never looked back. __ This also typically creates a more dramatic & editorial image which is something I love doing on blog shoots. If you want more blog photography tips join my free email course for fashion bloggers!My Swedish grandma would always say in her accent, "One day Britney you will love being tall. I pulled my shoulders back, held my head high and strapped on my high heels. Thankfully, the way I shoot prevents me from actually needing to lay on the ground for those really low shots. I cover shooting in manual mode, how to compose your images so they’re more interesting, tips for finding your first camera & lens and more!🔹But heels can distribute more weight into the ball of the foot, which puts the rest of the body in an awkward structure & can cause all sorts of side effects if worn for long durations or distances.🔹The most common side effect is pain felt in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, & lower back.

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