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MSNBC has done a good job bringing them on screen during this election cycle. I think they will all be big stars once this election is over. Kasie Hunt and Kristen Welker are the most pleasant of the ones mentioned. She doesn't act like a sex-in-the-city girl, trying to be a news reporter, like Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson. Jacob Soboroff is okay, but he's annoying, in a hipster kind of way. Just because he's cute.[quote] PLEASE take that newsreader-in-training, the ugly Stephanie Ruhle OFF MSNBC. I have been thinking the same thing ever since they put her on the air after Morning Joe. She wasn't even on the network before that, and all of a sudden she gets a prime morning slot. I don't care for Steve Kornacki as a host or fill-in.

Hallie Jackson, Katy Tur, Kasie Hunt, Jacob Soboroff, Kristen Welker... I often can't tell Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson apart, except that Hallie is the nicer one. He's so busy trying to assimilate -think taco truck guy- he's lost any credibility with me.

Or take the Trump interview several months ago when Matthews got Trump to acknowledge that women who have abortions should face punishment.

In other words, imagine how different that veteran's town hall would've been like earlier this week if Chris Matthews were there instead of Matt Lauer.

Chuck Todd was in the Steve Kornacki role, reporting on stats and demographics. I really hate the fact that Brian Williams has not only taken over as the lead anchor on big political nights, but they also gave him his own damned show!! Rachel brings in the biggest ratings, and yet she's relegated to the sidelines by this disgraced anchor, who was fired from his position because he was such a liar!

If that isn't the old-boy fucking network at play, then I don't know what is.

He has meltdowns, he can be funny and at times charming. I love Joy and I'm glad they have finally given her her own show, even if it is one of the weekend morning things. The way she held Trump's feet to the fire over that hacking thing was wonderful The things I would do to Soboroff..... One time I caught him yelling at karen Finney of all people. I'll co-sign you, r48, Scooter Kornacki is practically giddy when the Repubs make a point, he's clearly in their corner.

She's smart and informed but her problem is that she wants to SHOW everyone how smart she is, but talking loud, talking often, and talking over people. She covers the stories that no one else is covering, and she does it with such intelligence and credibility. I also enjoy Morning Joe, if for nothing else than he's entertaining. He has absolutely NOTHING else to do on the weekends. I've seen him let that Russian Boris Epsnake slide TWICE!

Mentioned in this article is Katy's reaction to her dad.

I feel for her, dealing with the Trump campaign and her recent escort to her car for her own protection by *his assigned Secret Service agents* because of rally anger. He annoyed the snot out of me with how he would continually talk over people. I can't believe that, eons ago when I first saw him when he was a reporter/political commentator at ABC (during the Peter Jennings era IIRC), I actually thought Mark Halperin was kinda cute. Pretty sure he will be salivating all over himself come Monday over Hillary's "basket of deplorables" speech. He always gives Trump the benefit of the doubt during his MSNBC show and on Morning Joe, though I rarely ever watch them anymore. I want to know the backstory to Maddow and Scarborough's alleged feud too. Her show has been on fire during this election season, scoring nearly 2 million viewers per night.

He can usually attract guests that no other hosts on MSNBC can get, and that alone is worth watching. Joe Scarborough is a star, and NOT a racist, which is something as he is a FL panhandle Republican guy. (For those of us who know what a Rolodex is....)I agree with R37 about Joy - I can't stand listening to her. All that eye rolling & immature & unprofessional dramatics is making me search for new morning news . I wish they'd give Eugene Robinson a show too, although he's probably too low-key to be compelling TV. Ands he needs a stylist, STAT.[quote]I wish they'd give Eugene Robinson a show too, although he's probably too low-key to be compelling TV. Gene is best suited for the position he has now -- a pundit. I think Kornacki is delinquent in social skills, probably bores others to death.

Kasie Hunt is a favorite, also she is wholesome girl next door looks and smart too. Reid had to work pretty hard to stop Trump shill Urkel yesterday, who got downright sullen over the fact that he was challenged and talked over everyone else. Nobody does more talking over another person than CHRIS MATTHEWS. I'm not buying that he's a Republican cheerleader as much as he knows Trump has no viable path, so plays up the horse race aspect. Thomas Roberts - bleech A couple of years ago they tried to make him into the sex symbol of the am, naming him host of the now cancelled Way Too Early program at AM.

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Hopefully one of them can force Andrea "Compromised Old Bat" Mitchell into a very late retirement. She is annoying as hell, and she reminds me of that ultra-irritating Kelly Ripa, whom I can't stand to ever watch. Stephanie must be fucking somebody high up in the MSNBC ranks. I wish there was a msg board at MSNBC where I could tell them how I turn to CNN when Stephanie Ruhle comes on. Stephanie Ruhle actually said to a guest during the conventions, "I don't know much about these things, tell me about it..."Joy Reid is indeed a joy. based helicopter pilot who covered the riots in '92. He's not bad at breaking down numbers the numbers and polls (working with electoral maps, etc.), but as a host he's just so flat and seemingly disconnected.

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