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Badoo’s experience has allowed the dating app to stay ahead of the curve and focus on innovation.We pioneered many of the features in online dating, like location based matching.

You are safer meeting people on Badoo than at a bar.

La responsable de Comunicació és la senyora Maria Marcos González.

Olesa de Montserrat està governada per un alcalde del PSC, amb una coalició de PSC, Ci U i ICV.

We’re noticing that rural areas pose a greater opportunity for singles to meet a potential mate.”“There’s a common misconception in modern day dating that assumes big cities equate to larger dating pools,” says Amber Williams, Badoo’s internal dating expert.

“In reality, this isn’t always the case, and Badoo’s data shows that in fact the opposite is true.

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With 300 million users across 190 countries and 250 employees worldwide, Badoo provides the best technology for people to meet, because happiness is better shared.

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