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However, the two major rainy seasons are the North-East monsoon (October to January) and the South-West monsoon (May to July).Being an island, the climate of Sri Lanka changes dramatically from one part of the country to another.Sri Lanka was engulfed in a bitter civil war for 30 years between the government and the Tamil Tigers, who were fighting for an independent state for the Tamil speaking minority.

Online tourist visa can be obtained by all countries nationals, except Maldives and Singapore.Legend has it that Hanuman the monkey flew over to Lanka and destroyed the capital by setting it on fire, while Rama and his remaining troops later crossed over from the mainland by building a land bridge across the sea.There is however a school of thought, though largely unsupported, that Sita the wife of Rama, eloped with Ravana while Rama was away.The Sinhalese arrived in Sri Lanka in the late 6th century BC, probably from northern India (the most likely candidates being Bengal or Maharashtra). It was a period where Sri Lanka traded with other civilisations in Asia and Europe, including the Roman Empire.Buddhism came to the island from the middle of the 3rd century BC, and a great civilization developed in cities like Anuradhapura (kingdom from c. Most notably Sri Lanka exported cinnamon to the rest of the Old World.

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Therefore online visa is not a pre-condition to board a flight/vessel to Sri Lanka. The number should exactly match the machine-readable section of your passport, and not anything else (for example, Russian passports have a non-alphanumeric number sign that should be completely excluded).

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