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It's true to say, many of the worlds greatest art fakers have imitated and tried to fake the modern art of Picasso and some very successfully too, but modern authentication techniques, armed with 21st century science and forensics have caught up with all but a few of them.Even so, some fakers still persist and try to pass of fake Picasso art as legitimate as do some unscrupulous dealers, auctioneers and of course, Ebayer's too!As such, an art authentication investigation into an alleged Picasso work of art is conducted through both in depth advanced Forensic and Academic procedures, by experts who specialise in the identification and investigation of both legitimate and fake Picasso works of art.

Freemanart have exclusive access to closed archives throughout Europe for Picasso research purposes which is very strong feature in the Freemanart - Picasso authentication investigation armoury.We are privileged to have been involved with uncovering and investigation some of the most important Picasso art fraud cases in modern times.Our weekly Picasso authentication and Pablo Picasso art investigation work load include conducting investigative procedures into the authentication of Picasso drawings - the investigation into the authentication of Picasso paintings (including his oil paintings, gouache's & watercolours) & the investigation into the authenticity of signed limited edition prints, bearing a signature ' fake or original, of Pablo Picasso.' *We strongly recommend that before you invest heavily in art authentication procedures, you have a professional preliminary assessment conducted first, measuring the viability of furthering your Picasso authentication project . The Freemanart Consultancy are leading international experts and fine art consultants with offices and forensic laboratories not only in North America but also in England, Germany, France, Italy & Spain.This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in detail.

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Sadly many art appraisers will do just that, claiming that they have the the ability, the logistical capacity, the qualifications and more importantly, the facility, to authenticate a work of art by Picasso.

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