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Every hadith thus consists of the isnad, or the “chain of guarantors,” and the matn, or the actual text.Together the Qur’an and the hadith form the basis of the Shariah, or divine law.

Checking authenticity of hadith needs expertise and it is not a simple matter that one can do on himself/herself so a non-expert should be very careful in stating and using hadith. The way to check the authenticity of a hadith is similar to the way of checking for the authenticity of other historical documents.Others are collections where various amounts of vetting is performed.There are some hadith collection which are considered more reliable (though even in those books you may find contradictory hadith).Usually the persons who have narrated the hadith are also important for confidence.Another basic rule for checking authenticity is that hadith should not contradict what is said in Quran so one also needs to be knowledgeable in Quran and its interpretation which is again a non-trivial Islamic science. Some of these are solely collection of all hadith that the author was aware of without vetting for authenticity (the main reason making all claimed hadith available for experts without bias).

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