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If you feel the "call of the wild," you might consider an American Bobtail cat as a companion.Story credit: Cats About cats.The American Curl is famous for its ears which are uniquely curled.They are very social and communicate well with others.Due to their lively nature they can easily draw the attention of others.American Curls were officially accepted for CFA registration in 1986, and for championship competition in February 1993.American Curls were also the first breed with two coat lengths to participate in the Championship of CFA.The history of this breed began in June 1981, in Lakewood, California.According to the story, two cats with unusual curled ears wandered up to the doorstep of cat lovers, Joe and Grace Ruga.

The history of the Abyssinian breed could begin whereever a ticked tabby walked, because similar cats existed in all countries.

Due to this they are mostly used as pest controllers in the rural areas.

Aegean Cats as pets share a very good relationship with humans.

Through more than 85 years of selective breeding, these dark patterns have been nearly eliminated from the Abyssinian breed, and this is what makes them so unique.

Although other tabbies are bred in different colors, Abyssinians are bred and recognized for championship by CFA only in the ruddy and red varieties.(In CFA, the color blue was recognized in 1984 and fawn in 1989).

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