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One woman gave birth to baby only to hand it to authorities moments later so it could be taken away from her for proper care.

This was the sixth such time she has had to hand over her offspring.

Although available, we as Cebu-Nightlife rarely use the services.

Off-course we have tried once or twice over the course of the years but beside being scammed and having the fear of what could go wrong we’ve never had a true positive experience from picking up street meat.

The anonymity the free-lancers have in a metropolis isn’t here in Cebu.Arriving in the Central Highlands hub of Emerald, measure your height against the world’s biggest Van Gogh sunflower painting at 25 metres high located in Morton Park.For a contrast of plant life, stop by the 250 million year old fossilized tree outside Emerald’s Town Hall, then stroll through Emerald’s Botanic Gardens.Partners and spouses accept domestic violence as a trade-off to keeping police away and a common after-effect of the abuse.Drug-addled screams of anger and pain provide the soundtrack to the cursed town, and the proportionally tiny police force at times are only able to safely observe the carnage.

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