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Armed with stacks of books, the priests take their place behind the makeshift altar, like sages about to dispense advice.

They begin to record the proceedings with an old-school analog tape deck.

In particular, we believe that God is Supreme Being in the universe and that Jesus was merely a human being; a noteworthy prophet (see St.

Matthew ), but a human being nonetheless.” [emphasis in original] 9.

It feels neither particularly safe nor dangerous to be visiting the subterranean lair of people you’ve watched yelling the craziest shit you’ve ever heard in your life.

If you want death-defying thrills and the possibility of bodily injuries, save the 0 Bono will charge to risk Reeve Carney falling on your head, and instead just ask a Black Hebrew Israelite, “Don’t you think Jesus said that God was a God of love?

” General Hashar, leader of the Ambassadors of Christ, another Black Hebrew Israelite “camp,” explains that the war-like dress and titles they use are based on a biblical call to arms, including the omnipresent star, or “shield,” of David on their garments.

The Westboro Church in Topeka, Kansas, comes to town but once a year.

This freak show runs several times a week—and it’s free.

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